My name is Mark Engelbrecht and I am a wedding photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been providing fine-art wedding images in Cape Town, the Winelands, the West Coast and internationally, for close on to 25 years.

Living in South Africa allows me to embrace its natural beauty and offers many beautiful backdrops and stunning views to be incorporated in telling your story.

I am humbled that you have taken the time to consider me being part of your life on such an incredibly important day. A Wedding day is all about commitment and about celebration, but most importantly, it is about family.

My Family

Three decades have passed since our special day and we have 2 wonderful children, living out our dreams and enjoying each day to the fullest. We are travellers – we love to explore the great outdoors. I hike and rock-climb when I can – getting out into nature is not just important, it is essential!

My Photography

I suppose my style could be described as contemporary – I have an informal approach to wedding photography and, while capturing the events as they happen, allow the bridal couple to relax and enjoy the shoot. My love for travel has been complemented by my love for photography. I have been commissioned to shoot International Destination Weddings in Mauritius, Zanzibar, Thailand and Seychelles.